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Network Solutions

We have a great deal of experience in providing both wired and wireless network solutions that can meet the needs of various business sectors. This also means that we can run remote management consoles for a variety of network platforms in order to maintain them for maximum up-time.

Using the best from a selection of manufacturers and providers we are able to offer a comprehensive portfolio of secure high speed wireless products and solutions.

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If you are looking to expand on or upgrade your existing network and telecoms equipment, we work with external internet and telecom providers to implement the best possible solution for your staff and your business.

Some examples of the technology we have used to help our clients include:

- PoE (Power over Ethernet) - Radius - MESH Networks - VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

- VLAN - WAN - VPN (Virtual Private Network) - SSO (Single Sign On)

At Silverbolt Systems we understand that budgets are important and like to work with our clients to make sure that any solution we provide meets both your technical and financial requirements.

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