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silverbolt systems

- Knowledge -

Our knowledge and expertise is what we pride ourselves on the most as we like to help people and businesses by sharing our skill set in order to develop, demonstrate and deliver the best solutions.

- Hardware -

We have access to all the main I.T manufacturers and the hardware they produce. This ultimately helps us provide the widest range of options when working with our clients and giving them the best products available.

- cyber security -

One of the biggest threats in modern times is the ever evolving and expanding risks we face in an online and connected world. Silverbolt Systems specialize in providing cyber security and data protection solutions that offer the best protection against these potential threats which can cause massive disruption to our personal lives, businesses and how people work.

- remote and on-site support -

Offering both options to our clients helps us to provide the service that best suits the needs of our clients. Our I.T service and support contracts can be catered to the needs of your business and staff. We also offer non-contract hourly, half day and full day support services.

- Communication -

Above all else we believe communication is crucial in how we help people and is why we like to provide an accessible and personable approach to any new or existing business client.


Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to look at how our I.T services can help to make your business safer and more productive.

- The silverbolt TEAM - 

Craig - Managing Director & I.T Security Consultant

Martin - Head of Technical Implementation

Debbie - Administration Manager

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