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data and cyber security

Data Protection and Cyber Security is one of our key services and solutions that we can provide to all of our clients and businesses in various market sectors.

We know that not all businesses are the same or have the same requirements and this is why we want to work with our clients to make sure we provide the right solutions for your I.T initiatives.

- Threat Prevention -

Stay protected against new-age threats to your network and your endpoints with a multi-layered approach to advanced threat protection.

- data protection -

Protect sensitive data, no matter the size of your business of where it moves within or outside your organization, stored on removable devices or shared via apps on the cloud.

- cloud migration -

We can offer products that are optimized to protect your cloud environment whether you are developing cloud based applications or planning to migrate and improve your workloads.

- virtualization -

Protect your virtual desktops and servers with agent-less scanning solutions or utilize a full featured endpoint security optimized for virtual environments.

- microsoft office -

Complete your move to Office 365 by protecting users from spam and malware threats,

while avoiding disruption in the event of Microsoft outages.

- Insider threat protection -

We can help you to identify the weak spots in your organization and stop innocent and malicious threats from within.

- Mobility -

Secure mobile devices and protect company data without slowing your users and keep personal and corporate data separate on individual user mobile devices.

As technology has changed so have the abilities of cyber criminals and the software they construct which includes Ransomware, Malware, Phishing, DDoS, Cryptojacking, Man in the middle attacks to name a few. All of these types of cyber attacks affect people and businesses daily causing major disruption and financial problems. Every year cyber attacks have increased and also attacked some of the largest companies across the world, this is why we feel it is crucial to help all of our clients in protecting themselves and their business information.

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Silverbolt Systems is partnered with Sophos one of the global market leaders in data protection and cyber security. Recognized in the Gartner magic quadrant Sophos products can provide complete synchronized solutions to offer the maximum levels of data security that meet all your business requirements.


Every aspect of the technology you use can be protected.


- Web - Email - Firewall - Wireless - Endpoint - Data Encryption - Mobile - Server -


We can work with clients in a variety of ways which include working alongside your current I.T department, conducting I.T environment assessments and audits, while looking to improve data workloads with the right security. We implement solutions that can protect and benefit everyone.

Alternatively we can also be your dedicated data security specialists by managing this for you as part of our managed I.T services.


Ultimately our goal is to help you secure your data in your working environment.

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